An important message from Consumer Reports


This is our last post on We’re deeply proud of all the work we’ve done on behalf of consumers, from exposing shady practices by secretive cable companies to pushing for action against dodgy payday lenders.

We’ve had a tremendous run as a standalone site. Now you’ll be able to get the same great coverage of consumer issues as part of Consumer Reports, our parent organization.

Update: Since announcing this news, we’ve had many readers reach out to us about the future of the Consumerist site, archive, and more. We appreciate your questions–and here are some answers:

  1. Existing Consumerist content will be preserved on Consumerist for the immediate future.

  2. Some Consumerist stories are already on the Consumer Reports site, and we will be bringing over more in the weeks and months to come.

  3. We will be offering a RSS feed of Consumer Reports content in the next few weeks. In the meantime, visit us to read the latest consumer news.

  4. We are developing a longer-term strategy for the Consumerist brand moving forward. Stay tuned.

And, readers can continue to send us questions via Twitter using @consumerist or @consumerreports.

Source: Consumer Reviews